15 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is not too far. You already start to spend some time online to get the best Secret Santa Gifts. If you are in a hurry to find out gifts for your dear ones, we have prepared a list for you. Most of these are unique secret Santa gift ideas for your family members or colleagues. Whether your colleague, friend or family mates, these gifts will be a perfect handshake for them.

These are the well-selected list of Best Secret Santa Gifts, those are so unique for this holiday season to make a wow on everyone’s face.

Gift Holiday Gift Ideas


1. The Raindrop Glass Sculpture

Looking for something like a cool Secret Santa gift? The Storm Glass is an artifact of creativity ideal for holiday gifts. You can place the Raindrop glass in different weather conditions. And your eyes will mesmerize with the arts created in the liquid. The glass looks like a raindrop filled with a clear liquid. The weather forecasting works on basis of Fitzroy weather prognosticator. The storm glass is one of the charming secret Santa gift ideas that suit for office table or can be considered as home decor.

This Raindrop Glass Sculpture can Forecast Weather

A Glass Sculpture looks like a raindrop. The Storm Glass Weather Forecaster is such a beautiful piece of art. The clear ...

2. Solar Mason Jars with Firefly LEDs

Light up kids’ room with some fireflies. The solar mason jars are one of the unique secret Santa gifts for your child in this holiday season. If you have a wanderlust friend, this lantern will help them to camp on. The firefly LEDs is unique and mesmerizing in the dark night. If you have a colleague, this is going to be the best secret Santa gift for him for the next camping. The Mason jar produces warm white light to grace your eve. Moreover, this lantern light will turn on and off at the dawn and the dusk. Therefore, make this firefly jars one good secret Santa gifts for your children.

Solar Mason Light Jars with Firefly LEDs

Best looking light jars for outdoor decorations and light parties. Solar Mason Light Jars are packing sets of 20 LEDs ...

3. Wireless Smart Car Charger for Fast Charging

This wireless smart charger is an essential gadget. Those who have the latest smartphone that supports Wireless Charging, this is going to be the best secret Santa gift. This smart charger is an ideal holiday gift for some crazy traveling friends. This one is a fast charger with Quick Charge 3.0 support as well as wireless charging. Moreover, the smart monitoring system consists of a cooling system and voltage unit. This one will take good care of the smartphones with its auto power switching mode.These secret Santa gifts will be an amazing gift for your tech guy.

Wireless Car Charger Smart Fast Charging

Have a blast with this Smart Wireless car charger with fast charging enabled. The wireless car chargers are not new, ...

4. Rayz Earphones with Lightning Connector

Apple took off the headphone port. This Rays earphone built with lightning headphone ports. And this lightning port earphones is going to be the best secret Santa gifts for your Apple gadget user. There is no more choosing between charging or music with the Rayz earphones. Rayz earphones act as an adapter at the same time as an earphone also. It includes a lighting connector to connect with your device and a lightning port for charging up the device. Hence, no matter which Apple device you are using, this good secret Santa gifts will support the iPhone or iPad.

Rayz Earphone is Coming with Lightning Connector for iPhone

Pioneer Rayz earphone can directly communicate with your iPhone, iPad and are smart enough to recognize your voice ...

5. FM Radio Enabled Wake Up Alarm Clock

Are you looking for some cool Santa gifts for this holiday? Let us have this FM Radio Wake-up Alarm clock to wake your friend on this Christmas dawn with a charm. You wonder how? This one has an FM Radio feature that will turn on with your favorite show at his wake up time. What it takes this one in the best secret Santa gift ideas? The Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock will surely enhance his morning experience in a lot more natural way. This Alarm Clock is a real light therapy one, with natural light upon your face to help you wake up with energy.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Radio

Wake up in a more natural way and feel more refreshed! This wake-up light alarm clock by Philips helps you to wake up ...

6. Lego London Skyline Kit for Adults and Kids

Another time passing secret Santa gifts idea for all ages. This lego kit is perfect for boosting the architect in your friend’s mind. Feel your friend proud with this accomplishing task from Lego. Moreover, the Lego kit is one of the unique secret Santa gifts for kids as they love building and demolishing. This will enhance the creative minds too. The skyline model is really a time killer if you can’t spend time at all. Once he set the lego, he can have a good home decor item for his family room.

LEGO London Skyline Model Architecture

A gorgeous architecture model of London for giving life to your dream. A LEGO London Skyline model that enhance your ...

7. Grab Real Colors with PenPower Color Pen

Do you have friends or colleagues who have some talent to draw? This amazing secret Santa idea is for digital artists. This color picker will help to solve complex color patterns so easily. PenPower color pen can identify the color combinations just like the color picker on your computer do.  And the color pen can put the picked color on any screens. This is going to be a cool holiday gift for teenagers or kids who are talented and searching for gadgets to improve their skills. This awesome gift will unleash the creativity in your friend.

This PenPower Color Pen Can Grab Real Color from Objects

There are some colors that you just want to grab out of thin air, and use them in your next masterpiece.  A common ...

8. Astonishing Motion Sand Pictures for an Office Desk

Perfect decor for your office wall and ideal Santa gift for your colleague. The Motion Sand Pictures are the result of fine art and creativity to make you feel a wow. They create different sceneries from time to time with sands of different parts of this World. They are really magical secret Santa gift ideas for you. Here, the sand floating on air bubbles is really fantastic to watch over and over you know. There are plenty of sand designs to select based on your choice.

Moving Sand Picture Frames to Decorate Your Office Table

What if your guests are seeing some sand floating in the air? Yes, you can see this miracle in this moving sand ...

9. Humourous Printed Wine Glasses

Chill this Christmas by gifting this printed wine glasses as a surprise funny gift for someone. They are unique Santa Gift Idea though. Moreover, you are always able to customize the text and write your own, a unique one. This glass is a personalizable gift with its text print face. And of course, this one is a good secret Santa gift idea for your office colleague or a favorite friend.

Humorous Printed Wine Glasses to add crisp in your party!

Here is one funny and humorous wine glass. It is not an ordinary wine glass but a special printed glass to add fun in ...

10. AI-Enabled Cozmo Robot Toy

The best secret Santa Gift for a geek guy. As the thrilling part, the Cozmo Robot is an intelligent toy. Especially, the level of Artificial Intelligence is exactly reflecting on this one at its peak. The toy is far more than a toy. In brief, the Cozmo will evolve day by day. Cozmo can understand things, identify and will interact with you. It is a learning robot with a wonderful influence on your lifestyle. Considering all, if you have a teenage friend or colleague, this is going to be an ideal tech Santa gift idea for him.

Amazing AI Powered Educational Toy Robot, Personalize your self

Robots are amazing! The automation in them makes them full of astonishment. This Cozmo toy Robot is an exceptional ...

11. A Perfect Moonlight Night Lamp

This nightlight is a beautiful moon like a lamp. This is a cool Santa gift for small kids. The lamp looks as real as the moon, with the magnetic levitation. The floating Moon on top of a base will have some taste of charm for your kids’ room though. This is an almost a large gift and so unique choice for Kids. The light is much brighter and warm to make them feel the real moonlight. Let the floating moonlight be the amazing secret Santa gifts for kids this Christmas Eve.

Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp with Sheer Brilliance

The moon is the charm of the night. There have been poetries, songs, and movies dedicated to the beautiful natural ...

12. Lego Bugatti Chiron – Build your Own Car

Car lovers! the Bugatti Chiron Model from Lego is an amazing toy to excite both adults and kids. The Lego Bugatti Chiron is one of the cool secret Santa gifts right now. The car model has an active rear wing, 8 geared box also an interior included with a speed key with brake disks paddle shifters on the steering wheels and nice wheels. Also, this lego model is an exact replica of Bugatti and a unique gift for car lovers and engineers. The best thing is that you are going to Build the Chiron your own, and can spend a few days on it to make it perfect.

Building Your Imagination With The Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron, second place on the world’s fastest car in 2018. With a top speed of 261mphs, this car cost around ...

13. Bullet Shot Glass with Real .308 Bullet Shot on

You wanna have some fun with your friends? This is going to be a funny Secret Santa Gift for your colleagues. This drinking masterpiece to give a royal look on your table. These set of handcrafted glasses are best to suit anyone. Further, the .308 caliber bullets are directly shot on the bulletproof glass to achieve this mastery. The look and feel are adorable. It will be gorgeous to drink on such a masterpiece. Use this Bullet Shot Glasses to gift your friend on this holiday season.

Bullet Shot Glass with Real Bullet

You will wonder if you find out the origin of this handcrafted piece of glass. A bulletproof glass material and 0.308 ...

14. Enhance Photography with this Camera Lens Kit

The Smartphone camera lens kit is an ideal Christmas gift for your friend. This Camera Lens kit going to be a wonderfully unique gift is for the photo enthusiast, no matter colleague or friend or even family. Now, they can take stunning images with a smartphone camera. This camera lens kit is coming with two lenses including a Macro with 15x zoom and a true view wide-angle lens. What is special on this lens is that it provides an external LED flash to improve low light photography. This Camera Lens Kit will be one of the best secret Santa gifts for this season.

Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones

Take more stunning images with your smartphone camera! Now take more creative and better photos with your smartphone. ...

15. Portable External Battery Pack to Keep the Power Alive

The RAVPower 22000mAh external battery pack will be one of the good holiday gifts of your friend. The gag can keep up to 3 devices alive at the same time. The iSmart USB ports provide up to 5.8A current. It is sure your friend will likely be using this battery bank to charge up the smartphones for a long time on his next vacation. This tech gadget has a long lifespan too. Gift this secret Santa gift to your colleague who is a power user, will be very much helpful for them.

RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery Pack 22000 Power Banks 5.8A Output 3-Port
RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery Pack 22000 Power Banks 5.8A Output 3-Port

Make this Christmas season a day of Gifts with our massive collection of Best Secret Santa Gifts.  Here are some interesting gifts to put an elegant smile on your partner’s face. We hope this holiday gift list is going to save some shopping time and easily reach a conclusion. For that, we have selected the unique Santa gift for you to give your Santa. We wish you to have a wonderful Santa night in this Christmas Season.


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