Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp with Sheer Brilliance

The moon is the charm of the night. There have been poetries, songs, and movies dedicated to the beautiful natural satellite of the earth. What if you can observe the same brilliance with your naked eyes as close as you wish? This Magnetic levitating Moon Lamp is adorable as the moon itself.

With appealing beauty, seamless ambiance and sterling brilliance make the gadget full of amazement. Moreover, the lights are fascinating to watch with the revolving miniature of the moon.

The technology behind this magnetic levitating Moon lamp the same as that of fastest bullet train of Japan. The magnets produce enough force to keep the moon above the surface of base significantly. Charged by an AC adapter, this works on electricity. The material of the lamp is PLA material with high transmittance.

The levitating moon lamp has a similar appearance to the moon. The base has more weight than the moon. This floating and spinning moon is a perfect night lamp. It comes with LED fitted which turns on through touch switch placed in the base.

Since it is a 3D Printed gadget, the style, and shape are mesmerizing. This globe of dimensions 7.3 X 7.3 X 7.3 weighs less than 4 pounds. That makes it portable and hence a great choice to gift someone.

You can watch the flawless motion again and again. Falling in love every time, it takes you in another world full of unimaginable wonders. Three years of technical research and super magnetism has led to the invention of this exceptional device.

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