Bullet Shot Glass with Real Bullet

You will wonder if you find out the origin of this handcrafted piece of glass. A bulletproof glass material and 0.308 real bullets sculpted the BenShot Bullet Shot glass so beautiful to seem like a wonder. Even the looks will make your guests wonder how did that happen. BenShot family crafted this glass piece with 2 oz heavy bulletproof glass material of extraordinary hardness. Moreover, BenShot family handcrafted the glass to ensure quality.

The 0.308 caliber bullets shot are lead-free, so no hard feelings to health. Also, it is free from gunpowder, so take an easy breath and drink. All 0.308 bullets shot on BenShot glasses are Barnes Bullets with model number 30393. It is the real bullet glass as well. This 100% BenShot Shot glass is an authentic product with US patent and trademark office. This drinking glass is very much special and variety also.

This drinking masterpiece will deck up your dining table with some wonder. And of course, it will not break that easily. The directly shot down bullet on one side of the glass defines the uniqueness in design difference between ordinary glasses. It is actually a perfect gift for some glad occasions. The BenShot Shot Glasses come in reusable crush proof tube with metal lid packaging designed by BenShot in the USA.

Last update was on: May 12, 2024 12:48 am

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