Moving Sand Picture Frames to Decorate Your Office Table

What if your guests are seeing some sand floating in the air? Yes, you can see this miracle in this moving sand pictures. For instance, the Moving sand pictures offer you a wonderful eye experience with its beautiful natural motion. This motion sand pictures are from Exotic Sands, a leading gift maker in the USA.

Moreover, you will get some diversity with this eye-catching gift. The moving sand pictures use a variety of sands. As a result, you are getting a sculpture containing sands of different countries all over the world. The moving sand pictures are perfect designs showing the beauty of sands. These sands are from countries such as South America, Southern Utah, etc.

Let me explain the design. The suspended sands will float inside the frame. On every turn, you will see unique pattern designs as well. Besides, these sand particles are air-hold using air bubbles. Accordingly, the air bubbles hold the sands and moves freely throughout the space, creating different sceneries.

The double strength glass is hard enough to thrive from drops. Also, the anodized silver frame suits the picture well. Besides, on each turn, it may take some time to complete each scenery. This varies from minutes to hours.

The variety of sands are the point of attraction here. The mixture of white and black sands cause the formation of such sceneries. The black sand is heavier. So there will be no mixing up. Moreover, some sands are transparent and opaque. The create a 3D effect in the image, which looks really good.

There are four variants of sand pictures. These include Summer Turquoise, Arctic Glacier Clear, Ocean Blue, and Sunset Orange. The image frames are coming in rectangular and round in shapes of different sizes.

After all, it is sure that they are a real beauty for home decor. Give your friends a wow with these Exotic Sands Moving Sand Pictures.

Last update was on: April 28, 2024 11:23 am

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