Solar Mason Light Jars with Firefly LEDs

Best looking light jars for outdoor decorations and light parties. Solar Mason Light Jars are packing sets of 20 LEDs with warm white light. Besides, the LED bulbs are waterproof and the light jars power up with solar charge. These Solar Mason Light Jars are best for wedding decorations, outdoor lanterns, and any other warm functions. The LEDs when inside the jar glows in the warm white light with firefly string feels like fireflies inside the jar. That is why they suit adorning gardens as well. This is such a beautiful mason jar with cute beautiful lights.

Moreover, the solar mason light jar is much more convenient to all. The automatic light on and off function in this light jar leaves it unguarded. When the dawn, the light turns off and in the dusk, it turns on back. The Solar powered jar charges up in 6-8 hours for a fine day and will give full intensity light for 10-12 hours.

Above all the solar mason light jar is 100% ecofriendly, and is easy to set up. The LED lights glow with just 1.2V voltage. The jar comes with a hanger and you have to hang it somewhere. You also can replace the table candles with this solar mason light.

The light jars come in a pack of 4, each with 20 LEDs as mentioned above. These Solar Mason Light Jars are the best decor for parties, weddings, Christmas nights. They are so pretty good looking lights for your rooms. You can use them as nightlights also. Just hang them somewhere and feel the warmth.

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