Foldable Electric Bike, You can Ride and Easy to Carry.

An electric bike with a foldable collapsible frame to carry wherever and ride whenever. The SwagCycle is a foldable electric bike with a collapsible frame and a handlebar display, by SWAGTRON. This foldable electric bike uses electric power to move on. The SwagCycle also offers Bluetooth connectivity to pair it with your device to get most of the information about the Scooter.

The SwagCycle is one motorized bicycle with 10 MPH speed to travel 10 Mile of distance. Afterward, this electric bike uses a 36V battery and a 250-watt motor that charges in 2.5 hours. Thus, the ride goes long to 10 miles at 10 MPH speed.

The handlebar itself is the control bar of the SwagCycle. SwagCycle’s specialty is that it has a handlebar display. The display shows you all the information about your battery. Also, the handlebar is packing the power button, headlight control switch, horn, accelerator, and brake bars. The brake light and the reflector on the back helps others to spot you in foggy nights.

When you are off to journey, the SwagCycle helps you to charge your devices with a dedicated USB port. You can charge your devices right on the way. This Electric Bicycle is 100% electric and so is emission free. The SwagCycle saves the environment along with your wallet.

This foldable electric bike is all about its easy storage and the frame. This swagger uses an aerospace grade aluminum frame. Hence the SwagCycle fits all trunks of standard size. Also, another plus point is that the design is aerodynamic. This bicycle is a lightweight electric bike too. Thus you can carry it even in hand. This one is such an awful gift for anyone who loves slow pace traveling.

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