Black Hairy Halloween Spider with LED Eyes

You hear creepy music then you see bright red eyes? You see a 4.1ft spider on? This 4′ giant spider would be perfect for Halloween decorations. This Black Hairy Halloween Spider comes with creepy music and LED eyes. All the spooky sounds make you have the chills as you enter the spider house.

If you’re not a big fan of creepy there are still options for you. This humongous spider is Spiderman’s best friend. Don’t you like the way the spider is positioned? You can have additional options, the body is bendable and black hairy legs are adjustable. This flexible hairy leg helps Black Spider to cling on to things like roofs and chairs.

In addition to the red LED eyes, the giant spider plays scary Halloween music and shakes just to get the chills. Putting it on a web would also add a realistic effect as its body trembles. Big red eyes and black fur also make it realistic and will be awesome at Halloween parties.

Ideal tips to place it would be haunted house, a yard or wall, party or display, even the corner of the home are all fantastic places. If not for Halloween why not try a little prank on your friends or family? You will not be disappointed seeing their reaction to a giant spider hanging on their house walls.

There are so much more to do with this amazing spider. All the characteristics of this amazing spider give you the most amount of creepy you could ever wish for.

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