Magnificent Timer Candles to Elevate the Home Decoration and Stun Visitors!

A Candle Light dinner or a candlelight decoration is always enticing and romantic. With these Timer Candles, relive your wishes and dreams without any danger. Astonishing Real Look due to dripping fake wax keeps your senses awake. These Flameless Candles are perfect for night time and home decoration.

You don’t need to switch them on and off again and again. These Decorative Candles have a timer set of 18 hours that lighten up them when the sun sets down. The scintillating view is amazing and keeps you engaged all the time. Each candle needs a lithium battery of 3V to operate for around 60 hours.

The fake dripping wax makes them perfect for home decoration. Put them in candle holders and let the warm white color spread everywhere to keep the atmosphere charming and calm. Use these candles with no pollution and high level of safety for kids. These can uplift the mood of any birthday party or dinner.

The features like flameless and smokeless make them kids in a friendly way and environment-friendly. Now, be free of tension about kids being hurt by the burning candles. The dimensions of the candle defined in diameter are 3.5cm.  The package comes with the batteries and 12pcs warm white candles.

Also, these could be the best gift for couples to decorate the room. You can gift these Timer Candles for families and friends for special occasions. Add these decorative candles in your party and enjoy every moment without any worry for what may happen.

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