Wireless Microscope for Magnified Vision

Wireless Microscope can work with tablets such as iPhone, iPad via WIFI connection. It is compatible with Windows or Mac PCs via USB connection. However, it has a regular depth of field like the standard slide microscope. It has a digital feature. Therefore, the microscope is perfect for creating virtual slides and medical research. You can use it for moving target analysis, 3D displays, and high-speed recording.

The software allows you to preview and capture pictures or videos. You can do so with an assortment of digital filters or touch the button. Also, you can download the software “Max-see” from Google Play or APP Store. You can Long press the power button to turn on the microscope. Moreover, you can connect the wifi “Max-see” (no password). It emits from the microscope. Additionally, you can run the app, and it is easy to use.

Only need to download the “Max-see” from the APP store or Google play store. You can connect your phone to the microscope via WIFI. Further, you can use the Wireless Microscope at your convenience. Taking an image or video tap the Image/Video button of your device or press the related APP trigger. In Fact, it also supports Windows PC/Mac OS by USB connection.

Above all, with the portable mini size, it has a USB rechargeable design. This works for more than 3 hours of adequate usage time. Besides that, Wireless Microscope is easy to put in your pocket and take wherever you go. It is useful and fun for kids, students, collectors, testers. Also, Wireless Digital Microscope can be beneficial for anyone. You will benefit if you have an interest in exploring the hidden microscopic world.

A microscope is an instrument that makes an enlarged image of a small object. Thus revealing details that are too small and are not viewable by the unaided eye. The most familiar kind of microscope is the optical microscope, which uses visible light focused through lenses.

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