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Stay Energized on the Move Carry this Fruit Infuser Bottle

Fruits… you just eat them, well now you can drink them. Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the new way to consume your daily vitamins on the go. This water bottle is the best partner for your activities like gym, hiking, cycling, walking, yoga, camping, office and even home. It is a new way to stay fit without much effort.

With this fruit-infused bottle, you don’t need to worry about the sugar content. Because, now you can just put any fruit in the diffuser rod, like Mint, Lemon, Lime, Orange, berries or any other fruit you like! Just slice up the fruits and put it in the infuser tube.

Then fix it in the fruit infuser bottle and fill up the bottle with water. Keep it for some time and the drink the natural flavors mixed drink. It is the quickest and easiest way to increase your energy level anytime. The fruit is the top source of vitamins and minerals with the benefits of water.

This bottle is completely shatterproof and leak-proof. Because it has superior quality and durable Eastman Tritan Food Grade Plastic. So, even if it falls down from a height you need not bring your heart to your mouth. This leak-proof infuser bottle is 100% BPA free; hence it is completely recyclable and eco-friendly.

Besides, with a huge capacity of 32 ounces, you can drink a large amount of water, making you fitter and free of toxins in the body. Moreover, it has a push button flip top lid for leak-proof water storage. The easy grip and the simple handle, make this leak-proof infuser bottle the top choice to carry it around everywhere.

The best part for those lazy people, who don’t even want to wash it, can put it in the dishwasher and it will be cleaned. The only task for you is to just wipe it clean.

Above all, this bottle has a lifetime risk free warranty, which means you will get all your spent money back if it turns out to be damaged.

This sleek design fruit infuser bottle with a secured lid and easy to carry handle is a perfect daily essential and a unique utility gift for your loved ones.

$13.75 $16.75
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