Anti UV 3D Window Cling Glass Film to Protect Your Privacy

Windows are a major part of any house, building, or office. They have a huge role in successful home decor of any house. Take a look at this semi-private window film by Rabbitgoo.

While providing for an absolutely gorgeous window film, it also maintains your privacy. The patterned window film blurs the unwanted views. But whilst all that, it will allow lights in. This will allow you to get some good natural light. It is semi-private but is not recommended for your bathrooms.

This window film does not need an adhesive. You can easily peel and stick it. It cuts down chemical release, static cling to the surface. It peels and sticks, and applies in minutes. This window film does not have the hassle of removal attached to it. It has an easy removal. The window film will leave no residue behind upon removal.

Also, you can reuse it multiple times. Along with it, this privacy window film is multi-purpose as well. The stylish frosted window cling has wide applications. It has applications for bathroom window, shower door, office, and bedroom. Similarly, living room, cabinet, sliding doors are in the list too.

These films are UV prevention and energy saving too. Besides all this, this window film will do a lot more for you. This privacy window sticker is heat controlled. This sticker retains heat in winter and keeps it out in summer. Also, it will cut your energy bills. It will also block 96% UV rays. Add beauty to your home decor with this semi-private window film.

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