LED Light Mine With 360-Degree Freestanding In 4 Different Modes

To solve unavoidable problems we have made the mine tripod LED light mine. It often happens when our car breaks down at night and we are trying to fix it. Holding the torch and fix angle becomes a problem. This is not at the right angle. This small and easily portable tool will be your buddy. It has two bright lightcolours of white and red.

There are 11 producing happens where Earth magnets in it. That makes your device attach on any surface and make it hands-free.

It creates a 360-degree freestanding focus. All is done without any support. The professional LEDs lets you focus on your work easily.

The focus is of wide angle and it has intense bright LED. This night LED night also has AAA batteries included with it.

It has four power settings – low power, high output, red night vision, blinking red signal.

One special feature is the red light for night vision. It also has night warning light mode.

So there is no need for straining your eyes in the dark anymore. This light is your superhero to help you out once the sun is down.

Take this light mine for trekking or keep it in your car compartment. This 360 degrees light will guide you in the dark. It can also be used to prevent accidents. You can also use it at home for DIY projects.

It will always be there to provide you with proper illumination in case of emergency.

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June 16, 2024 3:52 am
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