LED Firelight Bulbs with Incredible Flame Effect

Want to ‘fire’ up your Halloween party? Get these LED Firelight Bulbs from Omicoo. Blow up your room lighting with these fire bulbs which creates an in-vision flame effect inside the light tube. These LED firelight bulbs will create realistic flame textures inside the tube with both to-top and to-bottom simulation. You can create amazing lanterns and lampshades with these charming light bulbs.

These are onsight light bulbs that will put some wonder on your eyes. You can use them as Halloween party decorative or room nightlight. Hence it has the 4 lighting modes, it will create a real treat for your eyes. These modes include emulation, breath light, general light, and gravity mode.

Controlling these modes are as simple as turning on and off the light. Yes, the modes will change according to the pace you turn on and off the light. If you turn off these firelight bulbs for 45 seconds, the mode will reset to flame mode. Above all, the flame mode and the gravity mode are the best.

The gravity mode emulates to-top and to-bottom lighting textures while the flame mode blows the tube. Also, these bulbs create a vibrant warm light to suit almost all environments the best.

The very enhanced heat dissipation makes the light to blow for 100000 hours. The firelight uses 108 LED beads to create the flame effect. Hence, the light bulbs don’t emit any harmful light rays, they are eco-friendly too. They are efficient and energy saving too.

Your home and your parties will get adorable beauty if you have these dazzling pieces of firelight bulbs to flame up your home decor.

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