Scary Black Cat Prop with Multi-Color LED Eyes

Want to scare people more this Halloween? Scare them with this scary black cat prop by Halloween Haunters. This cat is yard inflatable. Its height is 4 feet.

This Halloween cat prop has piercing flashing multi-color LED eyes. These eyes are sure to stare you down in blue, red, green, purple, yellow, and white. It will scare you and haunt you in all different kinds of colors.

Within the body, it has eye-catching pure white LED lights. This makes it perfect for a night time fright. Or who knows; maybe even for a bite too. All the trick or treaters will come to your house lured by this scary black cat prop. This prop is quite fast when talked about self-inflating. This makes it perfect for a yard, lawn, entryway indoor, or an outdoor holiday display.

The amazing Halloween prop comes along with a UL Certified plug. This can plug into a standard 110v U.S. electrical outlet. The dimensions of this black cat are 4 feet high by 2.5 feet deep and 2 feet wide. It is of waterproof polyester nylon fabric.

The package includes sandbags, stakes, tethers and powerful air blowers too. This is for a quick and easy setup. Do not hesitate to splash this scary cat in the pool to give your guests a scare. It will petrify your guests to see a giant cat swimming and chilling in the pool.

Get this scary black cat prop this Halloween and rock your party even more than you do. Place this amazing prop in your yard, front door, or lawn to see the fun begin.

Viral Gads