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Compartmental Betta Waterfalls Kit for Living Rooms

How can a person satisfy his aesthetic sense? No worries, we have the ways to bring peace to your aesthetic sense. We introduce you to this indoor waterfall. This waterfall works with a continuous flow of filtered water. The compartmental betta waterfalls kit has up to three separate compartments. In these compartments, you can house up to three bettas, some small fish or even crustaceans.

An interesting thing about compartmental betta waterfalls kit is that it has frosted panels. So, the fish in one panel cannot see the fish in other panels. This is the perfect way to keep more than one betta in a place. The kit also has a fill indicator window which shows the level of water easily.

So, they never run off a shortage of water. The whole package comes with filtration, cartridge, food and water care samples. So, the package includes everything you need in the first place.

The betta waterfalls are very beautiful and contemporary. Also, they are designed to house three or less betta separately. It has a compact curved design. The cascading waterfalls add to the style of the product. It is a small and perfect aquarium for your home or office. So, you can spend time with your favorites bettas even in the office.

The compartmental betta waterfalls kit uses medium-sized replacement filter cartridges. To enhance its looks, you can add decorative materials like gravel, rocks, and pebbles. Also, colorful gems and small plants add life to the aquarium. It is available in black and white color.

It can be a unique gift for Thanksgiving and house warming parties. You can also gift it to your colleague on his/her promotion. If you have a nice corner in your home, then you can add life to your home too.

$59.00 $69.99
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