Fishing Rod and Reel for A Better Fishing Experience

Get ready as we are introducing a dream product for people who love fishing. Now nothing is fishy during your fishing. We bring to you the fishing poles which have spinning reels. These fishing rods have attached telescopes. These telescopes will find the prey from long distance. The telescopic fishing rod and reel can work both in saltwater and freshwater.

 The package includes two types of fishing rod combinations. The fishing rod and reel has 1 rod and 1 reel. However, the full kit has 1 fishing rod, 1 fishing reel, and some fishing tackles. The fishing rods and reels are made such that they are convenient for people who like fishing. The fishing rods are retractable and the fishing reels are collapsible. So, you can save the handling space and enjoy your fishing experience.

The spinning fishing reels are very easy to use. The reels are available in different sizes from 2000 to 5000. These reels can combat with different size of fish. The spinning reels have high strength gear system and continuous anti-reverse installed. Also, they have a collapsible handle and changeable retrieve.

The fishing rod is made of elastic carbon fiber. The high density of carbon fiber makes the fishing pole hard. The hooded reels are made of stainless steel which helps in reducing corrosion. The length of the rod starts from 5.91 feet to 11.81 feet. With these rods, you can easily fish in saltwater as well as freshwater.

If you have fishers in your friends’ circle, then you have found a suitable gift for your friends. Also, you can have one for yourself, if you like to go fishing in holidays. This is a must-have for fishing enthusiasts.

Viral Gads