Ceramic Coffee Cup with Funny Toilet Mug Look

From the house of BigMouth Inc., a maker of outrageous lifestyle products, this ceramic coffee cup is a perfect gag gift. Much bigger than actual mug sizes, it is not meant for actual use but makes a great rememberable gift item. This Toilet looking Mug can hold 12 ounces of liquid and is made of high-quality ceramic.

Surprise and gross out your friends by drinking from this cup during a get-together and get a great laugh. Or just bring it to your office and take it on our coffee break. Let see your colleagues do a double take. After all, why should your pets be the only one drinking from the toilet bowl?

Do take a look at the mug design though in case you are seriously considering drinking your coffee from this mug. The attached water tank gets in the way when you try to take a sip from the mug. Also, if used for frequent hot beverages, the mug may develop cracks or even break.

Cracks in the structure make cleaning difficult and make it a great place for dust and pests to make the home. This Ceramic Coffee Cup is in the category of hazardous and therefore, kept it out of reach of small children. Hence don’t use it as a toy for kids.

Suggested use it as a prank or a good gag with a close friend on the right occasion. And once you have bought it, preferably keep it a conversational piece and not as cutlery. You can, however, use it as a water container for your pet conveniently,

Last update was on: July 10, 2024 1:03 am

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