Pet Feeder & Waterer: No More Food Waste

Are you always worried about your pet’s water intake? It’s quite obvious that pets do not have a fixed time to drink water. They drink whenever they feel thirsty after a tiring run or playtime. So, this awesome gravity pet feeder cum waterer will help you keep them hydrated every time.

This pet feeder cum waterer is ideal for both cats and dogs in the house. The feeder works on the general law of gravity. So, there is nothing complex in the full setup. Also, it is ideal if you have multiple pets at home. The feeder has non-skid rubber feet to keep in place.

The feeder has a wide mouth bottle attached to the deep bowl. So, once the water level in the bowl goes down, the bottle releases water. Also, the bottle can be filled up with a dog or cat food. As it has a wide mouth, food will come out really easily. This mechanism does not require any complex machine. The water comes down to the bowl as the gravity pulls it.

The extra-wide mouth bottle holds a gallon of water. So, you do not require filling it up every now and then. Also, your pet gets to drink fresh water every time. There is no chance of stagnant water and germs anymore. Also, this pet feeder cum waterer is ideal when you are going to be away for a few hours from your pet. You can fill up the bottle with food or water and take care of your pets when you are away.

This pet feeder cum waterer makes an ideal gift for your pet-loving friends and family. So, gift it to your pet lover friends and let their pets enjoy freshwater and food every time.

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April 15, 2024 4:09 am
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