Toilet Timer: Don’t Waster Your Precious Time.

Do you waste a lot of your time in the loo? It’s time to change this habit. A lot of us have the habit of lingering in the bathroom for a long time. Anatomically it can affect our health. So, with the help of this Toilet Timer, you can prevent it.

Toilet timer is an ingenious little device for pooping procrastinators. It gives a visual illustration of how long one’s been on the pot. This will provoke one to get off and move on. It is basically an updated version of an hourglass. It has a human-shaped figure filled with sand. This sand is emptied from that figure in 5 minutes. Also, you can increase the 5 minutes timer by reloading it. For example for 15 minutes flip the timer 3 times

The toilet timer is powered by gravity. The sand fall is in the direction of gravity. It is perfect for those who spend more time playing games in the loo. Also, many people have a habit of browsing in the loo. So, this keeps your bathroom engaged for long. Toilet timer can actually free your bathroom for others use.

.You can reload it by rotating it 360 degrees. It reloads instantly. So, you do not have to hold it upside down to reload it. To restart it, you need to rotate it clockwise. This will fill the sand in the chamber and begin to drain. It functions mainly like a sand timer.

There are actually medical benefits for not lingering in the loo. It is amazing for those that have a family that spends forever in the bathroom. So, gift this awesome tool to all your known people who spend than necessary time in the loo. With this, you can help your loved one get back to the world.

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June 14, 2024 11:16 pm
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