Have Adventure in Playground with Rope Tunnel Bridge

Kids are way more adventurous than adults. They love to go camping and adventures. But, it is often not possible to bring those adventures they like, in the home. This rope tunnel bridge may make your home playground a little more interesting for the kids.

Rope bridges are kids favorite kind of sport in those summer camps. So, this rope tunnel bridge has been made to bring the same sport in your backyard. This rope tunnel is easy to install but should be done by adults. Also, it is perfectly safe for both kids and adults to use. Though not an actual rope bridge it will give the real feel of climbing.

In the present days, it is very difficult to make kids play outdoors. There are so many options which are lucrative for them to stay indoors. But, this rope tunnel bridge is enough to bring them out and play close to nature. So, they can climb this thing, swing in it also lay back on some sunny Sunday with friends.

The package includes two heavy-duty ratchets for hanging. This product meets all the US child safety regulations. So, this is absolutely safe for kids above the age of 5 years. The 96 x 35 x 0.1 inches rope tunnel bridge weighs only 18.5 pounds. So, it is really easy to carry to the backyard by an adult. Also, you can take it along while you go camping for a rustic feel.

This rope bridge is a perfect outdoor game option for kids. Also, it makes a perfect gift for all kids. So, buy it for your own kids or gift to others. This will surely make them happy.

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