Washcloths and Hooded Towels for Your Newborn Baby

You can make bath time a breeze with this baby bath set. The textured washcloths clean the baby while the adorable hooded towels ensure the baby is dry and cozy.

Absorbent terry cloth is gentle against the baby’s skin. Baby washcloths are soft and textured.

You can offer this adorable gift set for a baby shower or as a welcome gift when the baby comes home. Baby Washcloths and Hooded Towels are necessities that every new parent will appreciate. You can make your little ones super comfortable and make them feel luxurious.

The baby washcloths and hooded towels consist of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. You can wash washcloths and hooded towels in a machine that is light enough to dry.

23-Piece baby towel and washcloth Set includes baby bath essentials like 20 Washcloths (9″ x 9″) in assorted prints. Not only this but you will get 3 Hooded Baby Towels (30″ x 26″) embroidered or printed.

The super-soft washcloths and towels with adorable designs will make the bathing baby a pleasure. Besides, each terry washcloth features a textured surface to remove grime and get babies squeaky clean. Moreover, light washcloths have the perfect thickness for hard-to-reach areas.

When the baby comes out of the bath, wrap your little one in one of our delightful hooded towels to get dry and stay cozy. This charming baby bath set for new-born is the ideal gift for new parents.  The 23-Piece Essential Baby Bath Gift set is durable and practical.

With 20 baby washcloths and three hooded baby towels in one set, you’ll be good for a while if you don’t get around to doing the laundry. Babies look so cute and cozy all wrapped up in these charming hooded bath towels. You can be sure that your baby will love this. Do not delay and buy your 23-Piece Baby Bath Gift Set today.

Last update was on: June 16, 2024 11:02 pm

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