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A Set Of Transparent Acrylic Play Balls With 3D Stars Inside

Glass play balls bring back childhood memories. Those blue-green marble balls were so attractive. You can also use these play balls to decorate your home. These acrylic play balls are unique.

These colorful transparent acrylic play balls are perfect for all age group. Also, these balls are transparent. The bright yellow balls look like dragon eggs. Also, it has 3D printed stars. The combination of red and yellow gives it the most attractive look. So, you can play with these balls or even keep it in your showcase.

It is a set of 7 acrylic play balls. The package is really interesting. These balls lie on yellow satin cloth. So, you can imagine the effect it leaves on your mind when you open the package. Also, the stars come in red color with 3D effect. If you notice carefully you will see the stars are embedded in the balls. So, there is no chance of fading of the stars. All these features make the play balls so different from others.

These crystal dragon balls are 4,3 in diameter. So, it is easy to play with. The package of the acrylic play balls 8.2*7.2*2.4 inches in dimension. The balls weigh around 1.2 pounds. The balls are just like the ones in the picture. The glossy balls will always catch your attention.

These balls are perfect gift items. Also, it can be bought to decorate kids play zone. You can gift this to your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, sisters or even your kids. These will make a stunning surprise on all occasions. The acrylic play balls will surely bring out the child in everyone.

$19.99 $49.99
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