Mechanical Pencil with Dual Spring Mechanism

If you are looking for a balance and consistency of lines. Then we are very sure that this mechanical pencil will not disappoint you. Its double spring mechanism ensures that lead is secure and protected from breakage. The innovative technology eliminates lead breakage regardless of writing styles and angles. It results in enjoyable writing experience. That gets interrupted with a broken lead.

Mechanical Pencil features a sleek and lightweight barrel. With a textured grip to enhance comfort and precision. A convenient pocket clip enables secure attachment. To textbooks, planners, clipboards, or drawing paper pads. The stylish barrel houses a designed double spring mechanism. That prevents lead breakage no matter how you hold it. And how hard you can press it.

Each tube contains 12 pieces of HB2 mechanical pencil lead. It also features a white non-abrasive eraser. It is ideal for fixing mistakes with minimal shedding, along with no ripping or ghosting. The eraser gets hide under a silver-colored cap. The long-lasting erasers serve as a comfortable lead advancing mechanism. You can refill it after usage.

The Mechanical Pencil will meet all your needs. You cannot use it on fabric. The lead will not break up to three clicks. The graphite core of the mechanical pencil does not attach with its base. Hence you can reuse it. After refilling it.

All people appreciate its usage. Though they are more expensive than pens and pencils, they are worth their cost. You can give them as a gift to your friend or relatives on several occasions. We are very sure they won’t disappoint you. There are a lot of customers who have posted positive reviews after using them. They get thrilled with the product quality and durability. And are recommending them to their known ones. So go ahead with its buy now.

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