Table Pipe Lamp With Bulb for a Beautiful Workplace

The Table Pipe Lamp with Bulb is handmade in the USA. The pipe features real steel. It measures 5 1/2″W, 10 1/2″H. The cord length is 8F. You can choose it from 4 socket styles. Also, there are 3 wood base finishes of Classic 40 watt Marconi filament Edison bulbs in the package, from which you can choose one out. All electrical components are UL listed.

The Table Pipe Lamp With Bulb blends well with the table and fills in a sort of empty spot in the room. The combination would look better in a room with an aged brick or wood walls like an urban loft or basement. In addition, it has a simple design and consists of suitable quality materials. Furthermore, the vintage light bulb in the lamp is neat and makes a great conversation piece.

Table Pipe Lamp With Bulb makes your room look beautiful and adds a flavor to it. Moreover, it can enhance its beauty and charm. As compared to styled table lamps, the modern ones are famous for their simplicity and elegance.

These exciting designs more often appeal to kids and are suitable as part of the decor in your room. The brown, woody textured base can bring out a partial traditional feel.

Table Pipe Lamp With Bulb is one of the most elegant and versatile accessories. That fits in various interior decorating styles. You will get to see the usage of artistic designs. And quality artistry while designing these pieces. It includes an LED bulb that retains the retro look and light color.

The bookend with the light bulb tends to slide. So you can replace the felt glides with rubber bumpers to up the friction. Hence you can give it to your near and dear ones on special occasions. You can place your order now and enjoy home delivery services.

Last update was on: May 18, 2024 6:16 pm

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