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BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band

Our favorite Star-Wars hero, BB8, is now a robot in real life! Before you could only control BB8 with a phone but now you can control it with the Force using the Force Band. The Force Band has fun settings. This is very easy to learn and master after some practice. Yes, the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid is real now!

Now for the price of $68.99, this is an amazing gift for your child especially for a Birthday or for a holiday like Christmas. This rechargeable robot is about as fast as the normal BB8 with the phone. You can tie the Force Band around your wrist and then you can use it.

There are two settings on the Force band. One lets you control the amazing robot. You have to do a force push or push your hand forward with some power, to make the BB-8 App-Enabled Droid move forward.

To make it turn you have to move your arm across your body. You have to twist your wrist, to make it look around.

But that is only half of what you can do with this super cool robot. If you press the button in the middle of the Force band 2 times, it turns into a mode like Pokémon Go.

You are supposed to walk around until the Force band starts vibrating. Once it starts vibrating, you can move your arm across your body. Sort of like how you turn until the vibrating gets stronger. When it is the strongest, you do a mini force push and then you can look on your phone to see what you found.

In conclusion, the new BB8 is an amazing robot that you should buy. The toy is an amazing device that you should get as soon as possible for your kids. If you don’t want your child’s vision to get poorer then, you should buy this for them.

$139.00 $299.99
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