A Wonderful Pirates Of The Carribean Inspired Cuckoo Clock

Pirates of the Carribean is an outstanding movie. Many of us are die-heart fans of this movie. Also, there are loads of home decor available now, which are inspired by the movie. What about another piece of such awesome home decor. This cuckoo clock is a unique wall clock to make your collection complete.

This wall clock is unlike another cuckoo clock. It brings all those seafaring adventures to your living room with its outstanding look. This clock looks exactly like the legendary black pearl. Also, the watch is a licensed product of Disney. So, quality and originality do not require special mention for this product from Disney.

The Pirates of the Carribean cuckoo clock is typically hand-painted to bring it to life. The outstanding finish speaks for itself. The tattered fabric sails, Jack Sparrow figure, Barbossa, Barbossa’s monkey, and jolly roger flag gives it an original look. Also, the light and music of the clock make it even more special. You will get to experience an awesome illuminated clock at every hour. Also, it plays music every hour and the door opens on the top to reveal the cotton’s parrot. Isn’t it magical? The pendulum gives the clock a classic look too.

This stunning clock is 1 and 1/2 feet tall. So, it looks so lively on your living room wall. It runs with 1 AA and 3 AAA batteries. The package does not include the batteries. This cuckoo clock is a perfect gift for all Pirates of the Carribean movie fan. So, buy it for yourself to adorn your living room wall. Also, gift it to your loved ones and make them happy.

Last update was on: April 20, 2024 12:05 pm

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