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Use This Fake Sprinkler Head to Hide Money & Key

This hiding vault sprinkler head can help you secure your keys or other precious items. You only have to install it on the ground. It looks like a regular sprinkler head. So, nobody will notice that it actually contains your treasure. Everyone will walk past it by without noticing it at all. It blends with the environment real nice.

This hiding vault sprinkler head is made of PC/ABS. So, you can be sure of its durability and quality. Plus, this product uses industrial level ABS. This type of material is durable, waterproof and resistant to various hazards. These include corrosion, heat, and impact.

This product is perfect for you who often lose your keys or cash. You do not need to worry about that anymore. You will always have a spare somewhere in the yard. This will be a great help, especially if you travel a lot. Plus, this product is so durable that it may keep your treasures for a long time.

The size of this hiding vault sprinkler head is 3 x 1.5 inches. With such size, you can have enough space for keys, cash, and even small documents. Plus, this vault is easy to use. You only need to open the top of it. So, you do not need to pull out the entire vault. This is so simple and practical.

This hiding vault sprinkler head can be a great gift for your loved ones. Especially for an elder who lives alone. This is because he can be forgetful sometimes. You can help him to have a better life. You can gift this product on any occasion, including birthdays or anniversaries.

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