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Driveway Alarm to Secure your Driveway

If you want to keep track of someone entering your property? Then here is something that can help you with this. The Wireless Driveway Alarm helps you to track any kind of things entering your driveway. You will get alerts when someone pulls into or out of your property. It has sensors in it that can detect vehicles that enter and mass metal that moves within a 3-12 ft of the radius of the wand. Also, it avoids false alarms for animals or humans that is, they don’t detect animals or humans. It can sense huge metals or vehicles with 400ft range, no matter the length and type of your driveway. Furthermore, if they sense something they will emit a pleasant chime. It is an ideal product for your office or home or business uses.

They offer an easy to install setup. You can install it all by yourself, all you have to do is to follow the user’s manual and set up as per the given guidelines. Besides, you can also program it to welcome your guest to your home or office by opening the gates automatically with a single button remote. And that feature of this Driveway Alarm helps you to excite your guest. Also, this Driveway Alarm offers a good battery backup. Besides, it has a low battery indicator on both receiving and transmitting ends. So, now you can stay with no worries about someone entering your property.

For those who want to keep track of your driveways, this is the perfect product for them. You will not get sad by the output of this sensor. This is also durable for a long time. The multi-use of this sensor is also notable. So, it gives the perfect value for the money you spent on buying this product. Try it and enjoy the services of the best driveway alarm.

$74.05 $84.00
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