Manual Rotary Cheese Grater With Grinder

Valuetools’ manual rotary cheese grater comes loaded with amazing new features. Everyday cutting, slicing, grating, and chopping are now as easy as a pie. Since it is multi-functional, it makes sure uniformity is maintained throughout the process.

The manual rotary cheese grater comes with vegetable slicer blades. Stainless steel is the engineer’s choice for making the blades. Food grade BPA free plastic forms the basal level of the machinery. Also, there is no need to connect this manual grate to the electrical switch. Either you do not have to touch the blades with hands.

There is a strong suction present at the base that grips. This allows for a clean and smooth countertop for effortless chopping. The grater’s mandolin is set in a way to allow the grated pieces to fall out from the vegetable grater themselves without clogging. Also, there are 3 sharp round blades including a slicing blade, a coarse shredding blade, and a fine shredding blade. The slicing blade is good for sliced food especially salads. The coarse shredder is good for shredded food and the fine shredder is perfect for grilling food. Shaking one circle is equal to a cut 12 times.

The manual rotary cheese grater even has a high-efficiency nut chopper. It comes with a round cheese grater, which makes preparation even easier. It also has a hard cheese slice.  The hand grater allows for a uniform grating making everyday tasks easier. Hence, you can grate foods like cheese, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, onions, etc.

The manual grater saves a lot of space. It performs the tasks of several kitchen tools. Moreover, it takes up the space of a little cupboard and a bench. The nut crusher is also easy to disassemble and clean. The grater can under the running water. Add this grater to your kitchen and make full use of it.

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