K-Cup Carousel That Holds 35 Single Serve Coffee Pods

The K-Cup Carousel displays all your favorite single-serve coffee pods. The base rotates 36 degrees. You can make it easy to find and select your favorite single-serve coffee pod flavor. The sleek black powder-coat design looks great on any kitchen countertop. Moreover, the Carousel for single-serve coffee pods will hold up to 35 separate serves coffee pods. The Dimensions of K-Cup has 13-inch height by 7-inch diameter.

With an attractive and sturdy design, it can fit under a cupboard with heaps of room to spare. The cups provide space and do not push others out when full. It turns out well.

You can use this product so that they have a way of displaying different variants of K-Cups. Thus making it easier for them to find the K-Cup flavor they want with one rotation of the carousel tower. They love it that they don’t have to rummage into boxes of coffee cups.

Isn’t it exciting letting your friends choose the K-Cup flavor they want? You don’t need to count all the K-Cups that you have. Bring out the Carousel and your friends will have a blast choosing the flavor they want to try. They will be envious not only of your coffee maker but also of the organizer that should always go with it.

People also love it when they see their brewer sitting beside their K-Cups organized in the Carousel. This product is the perfect kitchen appliance to put on a kitchen countertop because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is also very lightweight. So you can store it in cupboards or drawers. So don’t wait for anything, buy this product now. To store food, you should use original food containers. If you prefer to shop from home, you can get a wide range of such containers online, as purchasing food storage containers in this way is very easy.

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July 10, 2024 10:14 pm
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