Swinging Halloween Doll To Scare Your Party Guests!

It is time for scary nights! If you want to take the spookiness of your home to the next level, consider this swinging Halloween doll. Your guests will remember this fear for their life! You can place this prop by Decrepit in both indoors and outdoors. The detailing on the animated Halloween doll is spot on. It looks straight out of a horror movie.

Some features that make this doll scary are the hollow eyes and their demonic shade of blue color. The infrared sensor can sense people as they come near. Then, it speaks certain words and phrases while swinging back and forth on the swing.

To operate this swinging Halloween doll, you can choose from two options. One is steady-on and the other one is an infra-red sensor. A UL 110V power cord comes with the product package. The Infra-red sensor works from a distance of 6.5′ feet and in both light and dark. You can control the noise levels through the volume button.

Some of the constituents include polyester, PVC, sponge, plastic, hemp rope, and electronics. The height of the scary doll is 30 inches. 65 inches is the total height including the swing mechanism, the rope and the doll itself. Considering the quality, it is top – grade. There are also some videos where you can this swinging Halloween doll in action. Note that you have to assemble the doll before using it.

This creepy Halloween toy is recommended for both your home or office Halloween parties. Use it year after year, yet the fear factor will remain the highest. Pair it with more accessories and props to create a complete spooky experience.

Last update was on: June 17, 2024 5:41 am

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