A Supersonic Hair Dryer to Help You With Perfectly Dried Hair In Minutes

Drying wet hair in office days is a hectic job. You cannot dry your hair fast while rushing for work. Also, some hair dryers damage the hair on regular usage. Wet hair leads to lots of hair fall. So, often we skip hair wash for the drying hassle. This supersonic hair dryer is the perfect solution for your hassle-free hair drying.

The modern air multiplier technology makes this dryer unique. Unlike other dryers, the motor of this dryer is in the handle. This gives enough space in the head of the dryer. So, the air under high pressure converts to high-velocity jet. This helps in drying your hair much faster.

The supersonic hair dryer has intelligent heat control to maintain your hairs natural shine. This dryer measures air temperature 20 times per second. So, there is absolutely no chance of over-heating. Also, it helps retain the full moisture and natural shine of your hair.

The supersonic hair dryer comes with all magnetic fittings. So, it is really easy to adjust as per requirement. Also, it has three-speed settings of high, medium and low. Also, it has 4 precise heat settings. A 212 degree Fahrenheit for fast drying and styling, and 176 degrees Fahrenheit for regular drying. Also, for people with thin and damaged hair, it has a 140 degree Fahrenheit for gentle drying. The dryer also has a constant cold option.

This supersonic hair dryer dries your hair without any damage to your hair. It is a must-have for all ladies. Also, it makes the perfect gift for all ladies. You can gift it to your mother, sister, best friend, and even girlfriend to make their life a lot easier.

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June 17, 2024 3:57 am
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