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Now Charge Your Devices Fast With This Multi-Functional USB Wall Outlet

Looking at the time which people spend on their devices in the present day. Also, they demand fast charging at the same time. Introducing an amazing multi-functional USB wall outlet with 2 USB fast charging ports.

This USB wall outlet has 3 sided power strip, 6 adapters spaced outlets and LED night light around the edges. It takes the place of a standard socket but instead offers many more plugs. You can use this in any room or public areas indoor.

Its unique 3D design saves you a lot of space. This USB wall outlet has 6 AC outlets built in with 2.1 inches long space in between, larger than a standard 1.5-inch socket. Its larger space makes it easier to use all kinds of equipment. Its 2 smart USB ports can charge your device quickly. With the dusk to dawn sensor, it turns on only when ambient lighting is insufficient.

With touch sensor, 3 levels of adjustable brightness let you choose the amount of light. You can also turn off/ on the nightlight manually. The wall unit has 3 levels of complementary Surge protector circuit. It is of TVS, MOV, GDT, with minimum 1680J energy absorbing capacity. Also, it protects your devices much quickly than and reliably than other brands.

This USB wall outlet comes with an instruction manual to help you and guide you. On top of it all, its installation is a very easy job. You just have to plug in for the duplex outlet and decor outlet. This product weighs 10.7 ounces while its dimensions are 5.6 x 4 x 2.7 inches. This multi-functional wall outlet is an ideal gift for everyone who struggles with charging their devices. So, get it now for your own home and make life easier.

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