A Stunning Black Gold Moving Gear Wooden Handcrafted Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a necessity of everyday life. Also, they glorify the rooms like no other decor. Over time the basic necessity of everyday life has turned to classic home decor. This wooden handcrafted wall clock is a classic masterpiece.

The personalized wall clock looks exquisite. This clock displays some gears which make it look outstanding. Those gears work smoothly with the clocks normal mechanism. Also, the clock runs smoothly with all the fancies,

The wooden handcrafted wall clock is of black and golden color. The wooden clock is acrylic color painted. Also, the natural bee wax coating gives the clock a lustrous look. The clock has a mirror back. This gives an illusion of double motion.

The gears of the clock run with 4 AA batteries. The packages of the clock do not contain the batteries. Also, screws of the clocks are all galvanized brass. That makes the clock more antique and original. The clock makes an illusion for viewers. It seems to run on its own with its own power.

The wooden handcrafted wall clock is of large size. This clock is 14.6 inches round. It will look absolutely stunning on a big bright wall of your living room. The greatest specialty of this clock is, it is handcrafted. Also, this is a personalized clock. The message can be given on the face of the wall.

This wooden handcrafted wall clock is a perfect gift item. You can gift this to literally anybody on any occasion. Also, this will make the perfect for your loved ones with a special message written on it.

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