A Stunning Electric Scooter With Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

Electric scooters are the best environment-friendly vehicle. Also, it keeps the adventure spirit alive in you. This innovative electric scooter is the best combination of technology and style.

This electric scooter comes with a Bluetooth speaker. It entertains you while you travel. The scooter comes with two wheels. The scooter is self-balancing. So, anyone can ride it even who never learned too. This scooter complies with all US safety regulations. Also, it has the features of high-temperature resistance and fire resistance.

The unique scooter has LED headlights. The design makes it look so stunning. So, you can ride it even at nights on dark roads. It is ideal for learner kids as well as adults.  The 8.5 inches wide wheels maintain a proper balance of the scooter. Also, the scooter works absolutely fine on roads full of gravels. Thanks to the sturdy wheels.

It has a high-quality safety hand handle. The scooter comes with a unique foldable design. So, you can easily carry it when you are not riding. Also, you can carry it in your car while going on road trips and camping. So, it does not take much space when in a home too. The electric scooter also has a small side stand to keep it parked.

The company gives a one year warranty on wheel hub motor, controller and battery. Also, it provides 24/7 service. So, you can get assistance at any time when in trouble. But, the charger comes with a six months warranty from the date of purchase.

This unique electric scooter is a perfect way to commute to your office. Also, it helps you avoid traffic. So, buy it for yourself or gift to your loved ones.

Viral Gads