Hammer Tool for Your House, Office, Outdoor Usage

Hammers are very heavyweight. The basic hammers come in use for specific chores only. This makes it difficult to carry the whole toolbox everywhere. What if, there is a multipurpose hammer? Yes, Sheffield presents its 12913 Premium 14-in-1 Hammer tool. The hammer tool is compact. And is perfect for all kinds of household, office and outdoor chores.

The 14-in-1 hammer tool offers great quality. It also continues the high-quality tradition of the manufacturer. The hammer has a sleek and polished hardwood and steel design. The multi-tool includes a hammerhead, nail claw, linesman pliers, regular pliers. It also has a 1/4 inch slotted screwdriver and 1/8 inch slotted screwdriver. Number 2 Philips screwdriver, 2 half inches drop point blade, 2 inches serrated blade is also a part of the hammer. The tool comes loaded with a bottle/can opener, wire cutters, and stripper, a soft file, and a key ring. For easy storage, a bonus nylon belt pouch comes handy. The nylon belt pouch is a part of the set.

The hammer tool is a perfect emergency tool. With its 14-in-1 modes, there is no need to carry the whole toolbox around. This hammer comes useful while camping. Usually, we try to cut our extra load while camping. A whole toolbox has many tools that are bound to get lost. One multipurpose hammer reduces the load of carrying a whole toolbox.

Not only while camping does this hammer come handy but even in offices. The sturdy built of the hammer adds to its quality. The nylon pouch can also store some nails. Make sure to wear gloves while using the cutter. This hammer also comes handy for doing small projects. Since it is a compact multi-tool it fits anywhere. It does not weigh more than 11 ounces. The hammer tool perfectly falls into the category of holiday gifts for dads.

Viral Gads