Makeup Vanity Mirror for Table Desktop

Makeup has become an everyday regime for women. Not only is this but appropriate lighting is a necessity for applying natural makeup. EASEHOLD presents its makeup vanity mirror. The mirror is best suited for your table. In the big mirror, the minute details are often left out. The vanity mirror provides a complete exposure of the face.

 The makeup vanity mirror has 38 LED lights. These lights provide 3 different lighting modes. Those are weak, medium, and strong. The light can adjust according to your situation. Moreover, the LED provides natural daylight. It simulates natural and gentle exposure.
The light is appropriate and does not hurt the eyes. In addition, the intensity of the light is adjustable. Therefore, the brightness of the light can be set through a sensor. The sensor is present in the center of the middle mirror. Not taking much space, you can place the vanity mirror anywhere.
 The makeup vanity mirror has a foldable design. It has 3 panels and each panel has a swivel for rotation. Fold this mirror to avoid scratches and dust. Subsequently, all 3 panels move both left to right and up and down. This allows for a 90 degree as well as 180-degree movement. Similarly, it allows for complete exposure of the face. The complete rotation of the mirror helps in lighting up each angle of your face.  Hence, this kind of illumination is perfect for applying mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil.
 The mirror provides magnification up to 10X. Likewise, the magnification of 10X enlarges each corner of your face. The vanity mirror comes with a USB cord. It can also work on batteries. All you have to do is insert 4 AA batteries. Above all, the vanity mirror has a storage tray. The tray can store stuff like cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories. It helps in keeping your desktop clean.
 The mirror is easy to carry. It is compact in size once folded. These ensure dependable safety and excellent user experience. It is a perfect holiday gift for females. You can gift it to your sister, mother, girlfriend, or colleague.

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