Screen Protector For Fit Bit Charge 3, 3 SE Ultra Slim and Soft

Fitness bands and smartwatches are one of the most trending gadgets now. It has become more of a fashion accessory than its purpose for most of us. So keeping it safe and clean from scratches is very important. This Screen Protector For Fit Bit protects your device and also gives it a much attractive look than before.

This Screen Protector is made from High-quality TPU. Full coverage design will completely bond with your Fit bit Charge 3 watch without any issues. The Precise cutouts will make it perfect to fit your Charge 3. Hence it gives the best protection all-around against oil, fingerprint, and scratches. Its 99% high transparency provides an excellent viewing experience.

Unlike the conventional screen protectors, this Screen Protector For Fit Bit has no stickiness on to the display. This makes it super easy to put on or take off the screen protector without forming bubbles on the screen surface. It also avoids it from accidentally peeling off from the screen. This Screen Protector For Fit Bit is made in such a way that you can conveniently charge your device without removing it from your device. This makes it super easy to charge your Fitbit device.

This pack comes with 3 screen protectors. Clear, Black, and Silver. Each one of them giving your Fitbit Charge 3 a unique and attractive look. You can change the looks of your device at any time you need it to reflect your personality and style. And for the price it is offered, this can be considered as an awesome deal. Grab yours now!

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