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Save your beer for weeks with this amazing draft beer growler!

Beer is something that can change the mood of the party and make it better and better. Many times we fail to save the opened beer and, it is wasted. This stellar Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer is made for such situations. With high-quality design and assets to preserve beer for weeks, you can open it anytime and anywhere. With draft beer growler, you can control the quality of the beer also.

Going for a long trip and worried about the cold beer? Here is your perfect gadget to solve the misery. This draft beer growler can keep the beer fresh and carbonated.

With a pressure gauge that can release the carbon dioxide inside the bottle, you can always maintain the perfect taste. The vacuum insulated bottle can keep beer cold for weeks after you have opened it.

The stainless steel is a tough nut to crack. There is almost no transfer of energy between system and surroundings making it a completely insulated bottle. A meter is fixed outside to keep you informed about the level of beer left for you.

With advanced technology used inside, it is given an old classic look from outside. It has been plated with durable copper and a bright colored finish for the old-fashioned scene. The adjustable cap gives you choices to lock the gadget and enter the passcode.

Make it secure with a customizable password and specific locks. The gadget is equipped with VPR technology enabled lock system. It weighs just a little over than 3 pounds.

$149.99 $179.00
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