Relax Your Joints And Muscles With Portable Spinal Traction Device

Muscle aches, joints, and nerves pain is a common thing nowadays. People from all age groups suffer from these types of problems. While we take medications or consult physiotherapists, it has its own disadvantages. It can cost a lot of money resulting in a lot of expense, or the effects do not last very long. The portable spinal traction by Lo Bak Trax is very easy and effective.

It takes pressure off the spine, joints, and the muscles. Cleared by the FDA, this device helps herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and weakness. It is also effective for muscle spasms, low back pain, muscle pain, sciatica, and low back stiffness.

This portable spinal traction device is ergonomically designed. It distributes dual traction force to decompress the spine for preventive care. This device is very convenient and safe to use as you can use it on your bed or on the floor. Forget the heavy expenses of your chiropractors and physical therapists. So, now you won’t have to make frequent trips to the doctor. With this portable spinal traction, you will be able to stretch multiple parts of your body.

You can stretch your hamstrings with the user-controlled orthopedic traction. Also, you can stretch your piriformis and hip rotator muscles too. It also helps you target hip or sacroiliac joint pain. Use this device a few minutes each and forget all your worries about getting aches and pain. Also, you can take total control of the amount and force of direction applied as you can target your pain better. The foremost best thing about this device is that it is lightweight and portable.

This portable spinal traction device by Lo Bak Trax is the perfect solution for all your muscle pain. You can also gift it to someone who suffers from the same problem. It will help them a lot and as well share some smiles.

Last update was on: July 9, 2024 10:13 am

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