Otoscope with Adjustable LED Lights to Examine Eardrums

The otoscope allows easy entry to the ear canal to examine eardrums. The otoscope does not support the iPhone or iPad. Apart from that, there is a usage of state-of-the-art technology to make the camera chip. The company is proud to offer a camera sensor of up to 1.3M so that you will get more transparent images & outstanding color reproduction. Also, this ear camera has solved the overheating for your safety.

Moreover, the otoscope works with Android 4.5+ devices (support OTG & UVC function), Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS10.6+ PC. You can get a clear image of your eardrum on your device. Further, the light in the narrow ear canal is feeble, the white lights located on the tip of the camera will help you capture much more realistic images.

Also, the package contains Anykit digital otoscope, Type-C adapter, 3x ear specula, 4x ear picks. Know if there is any extra ear wax or inflammation inside of your ear. Even if you have no one beside you.

In fact, this innovative USB otoscope on hand would be the best way for you. To sum up, this ear camera is the best choice for your ear inspection; it works effortlessly on your phone or PC.

The focal length gets fix at 2-3cm (1 inch), so please adjust the distance between the camera lens and your ear to get focused if you cannot see the image. The ear canal is not perfectly straight, gently pull the top of your ear up and back to help to view your eardrum easily. Adjust the brightness of the LED lights to prevent glare. Keep the camera clean to avoid blurry images. The earwax causes blurred images after a period of use on the camera lens. If the earwax gets to wipe out, this will make it stick to the lens more firmly.

Viral Gads