Relax Your Eyes With This 2 in 1 Universal Sun Visor While You Drive

Driving on a sunny day under the sun can cause harm to the eyes. While driving at night, the lights of the opposite vehicle can be very direct and harsh to the eyes. This car anti-glare universal sun visor has 2 high performances anti-glare lenses of different colors.

With the grey visor, you can drive safely on a sunny day as it will block strong sunlight, and prevent eye fatigue. It will also filter excess glare and harmful UV rays. The yellow visor makes light of the opposite car look softer at night. This will prevent accidents or sudden blindness.

This equipment is very easy to use as you just have to rotate the visor to 180 degrees. You can also switch between day or night visor mirror according to the need. When not in use, you can put the car goggles shield in the storage. It takes minimal space once folded back into the place. This sun visor is very easy to install.

The car visor extender sun blocker hooks onto the overhead car original visor. You can also adjust its position easily. This sun visor extended anti-glare blocker is universal in size. You can use it in any car as it is compatible with all vehicles. The material used in this sun visor extender is high-quality PP + TPR material. Also, it is shockproof.

Get this multifunctional universal sun visor extender today to relax our eyes and prevent accidents while driving. This makes a perfect gift for all your friends who travel more in the daytime. They will thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

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