An Amazing Active Volcano Home Decor In The Concept Of An Hourglass

We all know the conventional hourglass with sand. You can simply sit by an hourglass and spend hours seeing the sands. This works best when you are in a pensive mood. Also, it soothes hour mind and calms us down. If you have never tried, just try once. This active volcano home decor is actually a creative hourglass.

This bright red hourglass does not exactly look like one. But the theory of working is just as same as an hourglass. It comes in the shape of an egg. Instead of sand, it has red droplets. The red colored droplets look like lava.

It is really easy to use. So, you have to just invert the hourglass volcano for 30 seconds and let all the lava get inside. Now, just flip it and enjoy the realistic volcano scene in this active volcano home decor. Also, if your kid has recently visited some active volcano site, give him this. He will be so happy to have the hangover of the place.

This active volcano home decor is a nice way to keep your kids interest in geography growing. Also, it acts as a practical demonstration of an active volcano. Also, it is classy home decor. You can keep in in your work desk and enjoy the eruption of a volcano when bored. The bright red color also makes it more attractive.

The 3.15 inchesx2.36 inches active volcano home decor easily fits in the center of attraction of your living room or workstation or your kid’s study. Also, it makes a perfect gift for kids and adults too. So, gift this to your beloved people and make them happy.

Last update was on: June 15, 2024 8:34 am

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