Now pour Any Wine In Your Glass And Corovin Wine Preservation System Will Seal The Bottle

Finally, a product has come for the wine lovers all over the world. The most awaited product for the wine connoisseurs. The Coravin Model Two Plus Pack Wine Preservation System that lets you enjoy any wine you want. Now don’t stop yourself from opening that bottle you have been saving for the special occasion.

As this wine system lets you pour out a glass of wine without removing the cork, keeping your wine intact. This does not impact the quality of the wine and you can taste the wine as well.

To pour wine from the bottle into the glass attach the corovin to the bottle with the help of the clamp. The proper fit clamp has a strong grip and is easy to open and close. It holds the bottle securely to ensure the system is stable when pouring the wine.

The clamps can fit easily on most of the bottles and allow you to pour out the almost 15 five ounces glasses of wine. Thus pour out different wines from your wine collects and get the party started.

Once the Wine Preservation System is attached, press the clamp firmly. The needle will enter the bottle. Now lower the bottle and pour out the wine into the wine glass.

After that place the bottle on the table and press clamp again and the needle is pulled out. As the needle comes out it fills the empty space with argon gas. The argon gas fills up the empty space. Hence, protecting the remaining wine from oxidation.

The wine preservation method is made from durable material and is very useful in bars, restaurants, hotels and places where plenty of wine is present.

Last update was on: May 20, 2024 7:03 pm

Viral Gads