Plug-in LED Night Light with Dual USB Port

Finding it hard to go to washrooms at night without light? How about a cute light which also decorates your hallway or your bedroom? There is a perfect product for you. Plug-in LED night light.

Frustrated with removing all the plugged-in items just to charge your phone? This Plug-in LED night light has a solution for that too. The plug-in light has two USB ports. Hence, no worries of the light taking up the whole socket. As the plug-in light is made up of led it consumes less power than incandescent light. Therefore, you can keep the light switched on the whole night without the tension of huge bills.

In addition, the Plug-in LED night light has a dusk to dawn sensor. This sensor senses the amount of natural light and turns on only when it has reached a level of dimness. Hence, the product saves your money in all the ways possible. This light has many modes. It is up to to you to set it in auto mode which switches on only when its dark or keep it switched on constantly. The light emitted is not too bright or dim. Hence you can put it in your kid’s room if they are scared of the dark. The light in no way would disturb their sleep. The plug-in light is very compactable. Hence you can carry it around even while traveling. This would ease your difficulty of charging too many devices with low battery.

In conclusion, the LED plug-in light has all the features you are looking for.

Viral Gads