Pen Scanner with OCR Digital Highlighter and Reader

A highlighter like Pen scanner that allows scanning text which is editable. Line-by-line scanning is possible with this pen scanner named Scanmarker Air. It’s much faster than ever before. Having a capacity to read 3000 characters per minute enables scanning of books at ease. This handheld pen scanner lightens your load of paper.

A single slide over the text makes instant documents with the help of some software. This Super accurate and fast multilingual OCR text scanner is ideal for a scholar. Its translation feature helps you to master a foreign language (40+ languages). Read aloud feature of this device gives a clearer understanding of the scanned material. This Portable, lightweight pen scanner is connectable to all your devices via Bluetooth. It’s supportable with Mac OS, Windows 7+, Android 4.3+, iPhone 4s+.

Scanmarker Air is an incredible productivity gadget that types what you scan. This Pen scanner has a size not much larger than an ink pen. It resembles a ballpoint pen that you grip like a writing instrument. It’s ultra-portable design and wireless scanning give a new outlook to your schooling. Moreover, it’s a productive device for everyone who requires instant scanning of text. The resolution of this pen scanner is enough to produce high-quality documents. After all, it’s an effective Barcode scanner. Having a right and left-hand optimization is a great advantage of Scanmarker Air.

Besides, Scanmarker Air is an effective dependable device for students with learning disabilities. This gadget is a helping hand for every student to achieve academic success. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity gives it a total portability. It has a Powerful inbuilt battery rechargeable via USB.

Last update was on: June 16, 2024 7:53 pm

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