An On The Go Portable Handheld Console For Kids

Video games are the best kind of free time activity for kids. Longtime traveling is very boring and monotonous for kids. Video games are the best rescuers at that time. This portable handheld console is the best engagement for kids.

It is often not possible to carry your huge video game console with you. The experts kept this in mind. So, they came up with an innovative gaming console. This gaming console is portable. Also, it is easy to carry anywhere the kid like to.

The portable handheld console has an LCD screen. The screen is of 2.5 inches in dimension. So, kids can see and play easily. Also, it does not strain the eyes. It is attractive for kids as it is green in color. The console is thinner than any other console.

This portable handheld console has 260 built-in games. So, your kid will never get bored of playing with it.  The console is 13cm*6cm*1.5 cm in dimensions. So, you can carry it anywhere. It fits in the pocket very easily. Also, it weighs 2oz without the batteries. so, it is very easy to handle for kids.

This console runs with 3 AAA batteries. The package contains one handheld video game console, AV cable, and instruction leaflet. So, this package does not include the batteries required. You can use any battery of good quality.

This gaming console makes the perfect gift for kids. Also, it is good for adults who are already tired of their smartphones. This will make every adult nostalgic. So, you can buy this for your kid, grandkids, nephew, niece or anyone known. It will bring immense joy.

Last update was on: June 18, 2024 5:11 am

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