Neon Nightlife Light Up Bow Tie

Ever searched for different ways to noticed? well, search no more! We bring you the Neon Nightlife bowtie which makes sure that you stand out from the crowd. This perfect little thing around your neck makes sure that you look attractive as well as different from anyone else in the room.  It comes with different colors to match the style you’re wearing for the special event. Halloween costumes with a shining bow-tie can be a unique combination.

Neon NightLife is something which everyone must use in parties or any big events like weddings, celebrations, etc. It is best suitable for a person above 12 years of age.  You can adjust the size of the bow-tie as per your convenience by using the neck strap slider. Height and Width of bow-tie are 2.5 and 4.75 inches respectively. Furthermore, it packs a battery life of over 12 hours and comes with standard AAA batteries.

There are three different modes of neon lights which you can set, namely off, constant on and a slow flicker mode to get the best out of it. Moreover, its made up of high-quality fabric which gives a premium look and comes with a 90 days replacement warranty for folks who want to try out different colors and settle for the perfect one.

It doesn’t matter if the events are not in a dark place since Neon NightLife makes sure to give the best possible glow in any lighting conditions. It can be a fantastic conversation starter if used effectively. This one small way to get anyone’s attention and compliments can improve your chances with anyone at all.

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May 2, 2024 4:18 am
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