Multi-functional LED Projector Light For Christmas And Birthday Parties

Parties are so boring without projector lightings. Is it a good idea to hire or borrow one all the time? You can have this party-perfect handy LED projector light now. Also, this is multifunctional. You can use it for Christmas parties, New Year parties, and even kid’s birthday parties.

This LED projector light has 12 switchable slides. It has Xmas tree, Halloween ghost, pumpkin, snowflakes, Easter egg, turkey and many more. Also, these slides are easy to use. You can just plug in and you are good to go. So, you can use it for all parties.

The projector has 3 operational modes. The dynamic mode brings that party feeling. Just put on some music and your Christmas party will be more entertaining. Also, there is a static mode which makes a perfect background at the party. You can change between dynamic and static mode with just the slide-switch button. This projector becomes a torch if you remove the slides.

This LED projector light is 3.14*3.14*9.4 inches in dimension. So, it is very easy to hold in hand. You can also set it in the tripod. Also, it weighs only 0.77 lb. So, you can just take it in your hand and groove with some music at home. It will just give you the feel of partying alone.

The projector runs with 300 mAh, 3.7V, 18650 lithium batteries. It also runs with 3 AAA batteries. So, you can get the batteries easily. The package contains 1 projector flashlight, 1 tripod, 12 slide cards, and 1 user manual. The package does not contain any batteries. This is a must-have party accessory.

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