Insulated Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Texting

Finding it difficult to text or mere use your phone during winters? Chilled fingers during winter can make it hard for you to even move a finger. Thanks to these insulated touchscreen winter gloves by Mujjo, this won’t be the problem anymore.

With these gloves, you can take a call at any temperature. Its insulation with 3 M Thinsulate, the Glove mimics the skin’s conductive properties. With a durable 3-layer 3M Thinsulate Laminations, these are the perfect tech gloves ever in design. For a better grip and fit, the glove features stretch-knit fabric, and wrist cuff stretches. The soft, integrated fleece will add comfort and give you warmth.

Now, no more taking off your gloves for taking a call or texting your loved ones. These insulated touchscreen winter gloves will provide you insulation and freedom to use your phone, both at the same time. It can get very frustrating and repetitive to continuously have to remove your gloves for using your phone.

But, the good news is that you can change this right now. Get an unrestricted experience of full hand texting. These conductive gloves are not limited to 1-2 fingers. Instead, you can freely use all your fingers and hand. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you own. These gloves work fine will all smartphones like iPhone Xs, Max, XR, Galaxy S9, iPad, or Apple watch.

Also, the sandwich construction of the gloves makes them windproof. For a comfortable pre-curved fit, the fabric can stretch as much. For sealing out the cold, the stretch wrist cuff will help you. With a non-slip feature, the sticky silicone grip lines are strategically placed on glove. Even on wet and stormy days, the phone will be tightly nestled in the palm.

These insulated touchscreen winter gloves are a perfect gift to give to anyone who struggles to use their phone during winter. You can give this to your loved ones so they can pick your call or text you.


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